Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Record From FOOLS In Production

August and September have been busy months at PYR. Danny and Andrew Cashen (Sweet Spirit/A Giant Dog) teamed up to help produce the debut record for FOOLS. It's a hard hitting album that draws its influences from many different places. Punk, rock n roll, power pop; it's all in there somewhere. 

Danny Bravo set up production at a small house east of downtown Austin, TX. Over the course of six days, the boys from FOOLS powered through what ended up being 10 songs. Now in the final stages of mixing and production, FOOLS will be announcing a release date for the record upcoming.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Bravo's new record, Adulthood, is out July 8th!

After a year of working on and off, Danny Bravo is getting ready to release the next incarnation of his project, The Bravo. The first single, which was written with his former Megabig bandmate Danny Blanchard, is a song simply titled "I've Gotta Job." Seem's pretty self explanatory. Lyrical it's a great tune and both Dannys' words shine on a simple yet heartfelt song about the day to day grind we all face in our lives. Listen now to the first official single from The Bravo on Soundcloud!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Bravo releases "Picture Pretty City"

Driving up sounds with a bit of a southern feel, The Bravo gives us another great track from his upcoming release. "It's been close to a year since I started working on this record. I'm really excited to finally finish putting all the pieces in place!"

Danny Bravo is the man behind The Bravo. He started the project as a way to get out his own music out. He'll fully admit to it being a lot about self serving. The music is pop oriented with a heavy dose of modern rock. Layered guitar work drive the songs along with the exceptional drum work of Greg Clifford. Danny recruited Sam Ogden and Pat Young along the way to fill out the band. Along with Danny's brother Joey on the keys.

PYR is very excited for this release. Enjoy a tasted of The Bravo.

Friday, March 4, 2016

The Bravo releases "The Price You Pay"

The Bravo debuts a new single off their upcoming EP! It's big, it's bold, and it could only come from The Bravo.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Danny Lion's "I'm Not Afraid to Die" Debuts and We Can't Stop Listening

A little over a year ago, Danny "Lion" Blanchard and I were working on tracking some demos for what was the start of a personal project I had been revamping. Towards the end of working on drum tracks, Danny asked me if we could lay down drums for a song he'd been mulling over. In a matter of 20 minutes he'd taught me the guitar parts and we quickly plowed through recording drums and scratch guitars. We we went out for beers that night, and talked about the usual- music in Austin, how fucking dumb everyone else was, but how we were gonna fix it all... somehow.

It was probably a week later that we reconvened on the song. At this point, Danny and I were living together in a small house a few miles east of downtown Austin. I'm not really sure of the context of how we started putting it all together, but at some point Josh Merry and Jon Fichter showed up. Both guys that have become fixtures in parts of the Austin music scene. I think they had been at rehearsal for one of the endless string of bands everyone was involved with. We were drinking heavily, I can be sure of that. I had set up my laptop in the tiny living room and a cheap recording interface I was borrowing from Danny. An assortment of guitars and cables were all over the house. It was a dirty and Danny and I didn't exactly have the best cleaning habits, but at that point in our lives, fuck it.

I had laid out some guitar, but Danny was not digging what it was sounding like, so Jon hopped on guitar and we started layering his playing over mine. Josh stepped in and threw down the first solo and doubled it quickly. Then it was Jon again laying down another layer of guitar solos. More beer. Time for vocals.

I've always been a fan of layers in tracking. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and the character of the song starts to go missing because I've gotten lost in putting harmonies on everything. This wasn't one of those times though. This was a "fuck it let's do it" type of thing. The whole track ended up sounding like it was at the edge of falling apart, but it matched the tone. As soon as Danny comes in singing, "I'm not afraid to die, I swear it on my grave," everything falls into place. By that I mean, it's barely holding on.

A year goes by. I haven't thought about it. I'd just wrapped up an EP for local heroes, Sweet Spirit. Danny Lion is the drummer for that band. Jon and Josh also play for them, but I digress. I had been going through my hard drive cleaning a few things up. I had just finished moving some of my equipment into a room of a house I had recently bought 10 months before. I saw a folder buried in a weird spot in my drive. I had mislabeled it, "Im no fraid to die." Like I said, we had been drinking heavily. Realizing what it was, I opened it for shits. The mix was awful. I know I must have been fucked up when I did it because everything was too loud and I had put compressors everywhere. Like fucking everywhere. If you're anyone who has any experience with recording, you know it's a novice thing to do. I spent the next couple hours stripping down the track, Eq'ing, and cleaning up the garbage as much as I could. The end result it trashy, loud, chaotic, intense. It still maintains a pop sensibility which is what I love about it. You wanna sing along and you're not afraid to die either.

By far, this is one of my most favorite things I've ever recorded.

-Danny Bravo


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thursday, January 23, 2014

MEGABIG's new album is out now! Stream it right here.